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Tal Be'ery

Co-founder & CTO 


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ZenGo's CTO and co-founder, Tal is a renowned Web3 security expert who is often featured in the media and advanced security conferences including Black Hat and Blue Hat (in Israel) for his research insights.


14:00-14:30  Web3: From A to S (Security)

2021’s hottest new tech term, according to TechCrunch, was “definitely Web3”. Web3, as its name suggests, is considered by many as the future of the internet: decentralized, permission-less, and based on modern blockchain technology.

While Web3 might have a bright future, it’s in the middle of growing pains. For example, a number of Web3 apps and users were hacked last year leading to theft of crypto-assets valued at hundreds of millions of US Dollars.

Join us in this talk where we present Web3 technology, highlight its advantages and discuss security challenges.

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