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a pictire of CodeValue Bulgaria CTO nya Kumcheva

Sonya  Kumcheva 

CTO, CodeValue Bulgaria

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Sonya is the CTO of CodeValue Bulgaria (formerly known as DevelopSoft). Sonya has over 18 years of experience in software development for various Bulgarian government agencies and banks. Started as a Java developer and then moved to technical team lead and project manager. She is a certified scrum master and manages the company's technical operations and processes.


15:45-16:15 Case Studies: Choosing The Right Architecture (lecture held in English)

With Ivo Yotov

Choosing the right software architecture might seem easy and straightforward, especially with so many documents and tutorials available on the internet. However, when we talk about real-life projects and customers, choosing the right one becomes an important and complex task with many factors to be considered.

Our experience with offshore software development and startups has taught us how to design and combine different architecture patterns efficiently based on specific needs in order to achieve the customer and project goals while making sure that the solution is cost-effective and not overcomplicated.

With a few real case studies, we will show you what the key components and considerations are and how we analyze and use them in order to choose the right architectural style during the design phase of the projects.

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