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Moaid is a Software Consultant, Code Jedi and an OzCode Evangelist at CodeValue. He views Software development as both an Art form and a Profession, and he is an advocate for Software Craftsmanship and Clean Code methodologies. Since the first time he had to debug a program, Moaid has aspired to master the art of debugging and to decrease debugging time as much as possible. In his blog ( Moaid writes about software, programming languages, software development tools and anything else he finds interesting.



Ronen Levinson is a DevOps Engineer and consultant at CodeValue. Ronen is passionate about new technologies, open source projects and cloud-native tools.

He is an organizer of GitHub User Group, a meetup group which discuss GitHub new features and Git practices.


Cloud & Backend track

14:00 - 14:45  Centralized Policy Enforcement with OPA

The adoption of microservices architecture has continued to increase across the industry in recent years. Governing the behavior of microservices is rather challenging. In addition to our home-born microservices, we also have services that are part of our stack: API gateways, messaging brokers, orchestration tools, and service mesh solutions, to name a few.


Having such a large amount of services can decrease policy compliance's consistency and make governance harder to maintain, forcing us to redeploy services on each policy change. Enter Open Policy Agent (OPA). OPA is a CNCF incubation project that makes our policy more consistent, and therefore gives us more control over the system. In this talk, we will discuss what is OPA, and explore OPAs' integrations with all the levels of our cloud-native stack, along with on-stage demos. Join us on this journey to better microservices governance.

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