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Omer Pinker

Founder & CEO at OP Innovate

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Over 20 years in the domain of cyber-security, specializing in cyber defense from the perspective of cyber offensive specialists.
Managing technological crises and handling cyber incident response (CIRT).
Developing tailored cyber defense solutions such as SOC, DFIR labs, Incident Response plans, etc.
We welcome new challenges as they appear!


Incident Response in the Cloud Era

Enter the realm of cybersecurity excellence with Omer's elite team, battle-hardened against the most advanced cyber threats as frontline responders. Join us as we unveil our response strategies through gripping case studies, showcasing our agility and precision in combating sophisticated attacks.

But our story doesn't stop there. Drawing from decades of collective experience, we've harnessed our insights to pioneer a game-changing testing product. Witness firsthand how we're translating frontline expertise into innovative solutions, empowering organizations to fortify their defenses against emerging threats.

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