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picture of the speaker Nir Dobovizki

Nir Dobovizki

Senior Consultant and Software Architect  @CodeValue

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Moaid is a Software Consultant, Code Jedi and an OzCode Evangelist at CodeValue. He views Software development as both an Art form and a Profession, and he is an advocate for Software Craftsmanship and Clean Code methodologies. Since the first time he had to debug a program, Moaid has aspired to master the art of debugging and to decrease debugging time as much as possible. In his blog ( Moaid writes about software, programming languages, software development tools and anything else he finds interesting.



Nir Dobovizki is a software architect,  senior consultant, and backend practice lead at CodeValue, Nir is also a Microsoft certified trainer and a published author, Nir has been developing software professionally for over two decades and recently started building all sorts of robots, both professionally and at home.


11:00-12:00 Expert Panel 

14:45-15:15  Life is a tradeoff - a guide for the software architect

Join us on a journey into the enigmatic world of software architecture where every decision comes at a price. In this talk, we will delve into the mysterious tradeoffs that software architects must make when choosing the right technology or aligning with the broader goals of the organization. From the complexities of scalability and maintainability to the secrets of short-term gains and long-term stability, we will explore the hidden tradeoffs that lurk beneath the surface of every software system. With our guidance, you'll learn to navigate the intricate web of choices and make informed decisions that will lead to success. Come, let us unravel the mystery of the software architect's tradeoffs and discover the key to creating software systems that strike the perfect balance.

Dobovizki sessions
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