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Meni Cherbakovsky

VP Engineering at ZenGo

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Meni is ZenGo's VP of Engineering


14:00-14:30  Web3: From A to S (Security)

Tal Be'ery, Meni Cherbakovsky from Zengo

2021’s hottest new tech term, according to TechCrunch, was “definitely Web3”. Web3, as its name suggests, is considered by many as the future of the internet: decentralized, permission-less, and based on modern blockchain technology.

While Web3 might have a bright future, it’s in the middle of growing pains. For example, a number of Web3 apps and users were hacked last year leading to theft of crypto-assets valued at hundreds of millions of US Dollars.

Join us in this talk where we present Web3 technology, highlight its advantages and discuss security challenges.

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