Hanan Zakai

Technology Division Manager @CodeValue

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Hanan is a results-oriented business manager with a demonstrated success history in the High-tech industry. Hanan has vast experience in challenging complex sales, he is a master of expectations' setting and creating win-win deals. in addition, Hanan has deep knowledge of Cloud technologies and SAAS solutions. 


14:20-14:45 What Can You Do When Your Release Plan is Being Concluded at the HR Office?

The Israeli High tech industry is facing a new reality, the paradigm that we will invent “kick-ass” products, get funded, and conquer the world is not valid anymore.

It seems that delivering a release plan isn’t a matter of engineering capabilities but more of HR-related ones.

What’s different from the last decades? Does the whole ecosystem experience the same level of difficulty? What can we do?


In this session, we will use lessons learned from Andi grove the legendary Intel’s former CEO, the competition between Netflix & Blockbuster, and the Challenger’s crash disaster to articulate the real challenge and its magnitude and establish the means to face them and even create new opportunities.

15:00-16:00  Panel - Architecture for Digital Transformation

Hosting: Alon Fliess, Eran Stiller, Amir ZukerMaayan, Hanin, Eyal Livne ,