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picture of the speaker Eran Barghil

Eran Barghil

VP of cloud infrastructure @CodeValue 

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Eran, CodeValue's VP of cloud infrastructure, is a senior Infrastructure architect and Information Technology (IT) Manager. Throughout his career, Eran lead large worldwide IT teams,  Infrastructure architect and consultant of dozens of Fortune 100 companies and Major Israeli organizations.


Optimizing Eran's years of experience and broad business understanding he is assisting companies overcoming their cloud infrastructure challenges set a correct architecture and build the proper teams to successfully operate in a complex cloud environment.  



11:00-12:00  Expert Panel 

14:00-14:30 Cloud Infrastructure in 2023 and Beyond


For years IT infrastructure architecture was the responsibility of a small group of designated experts. The move to the cloud forced software architects and developers to become knowledgeable in this domain. In some cases, a new layer of cloud infrastructure experts (DevOps, FinOps) was created to support the growing needs, but this did not really solve the problem.  Lately, cloud providers started to focus on developing solutions that will make infrastructure and the cost derived from it more friendly.


In this lecture, we will review several examples of how this is done. We'll get to know how infrastructure becomes more distributed, review examples of how to optimize the cloud cost and understand how all of those become more self-sustained.

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