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picture of the speaker Eran Barghil

Eran Barghil

VP of cloud infrastructure @CodeValue 

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Eran, CodeValue's VP of cloud infrastructure, is a senior Infrastructure architect and Information Technology (IT) Manager. Throughout his career, Eran lead large worldwide IT teams,  Infrastructure architect and consultant of dozens of Fortune 100 companies and Major Israeli organizations.


Optimizing Eran's years of experience and broad business understanding he is assisting companies overcoming their cloud infrastructure challenges set a correct architecture and build the proper teams to successfully operate in a complex cloud environment.  



What's new in infrastructure for AI (with Ola Polianov)

Join us for an exciting walk through of "what's new in infrastructure for AI" !  
In this session we will discover the importance of infrastructure for AI development,
understand the different cutting-edge approaches for solving the challenges by different cloud providers and examen use cases implemented infrastructure for AI.  
Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your understanding of AI infrastructure components and its practical implementations!

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