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9:00-9:15  The Cloud challenge is more than just technical – people are involved

9:00-9:15  The Cloud challenge is more than just technical – people are involved


Eran Stiller is a software architect, consultant, instructor, and technology addict. With many years of experience in software development and architecture and a track record of public speaking and community contribution, Eran is recognized as a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on Microsoft Azure since 2016 and as a Microsoft Regional Director (MRD) since 2018.


A Co-Founder at CodeValue Ltd., Eran practices software architecture at various clients on an almost daily basis, reviewing many designs in many professional fields. As CodeValue’s Chief Technology Officer, Eran is in charge of learning and promoting the usage of various technology platforms throughout CodeValue’s projects and customer solutions.


Eran instructs various software courses and workshops and is a frequent public speaker at various local & international events, meetups and user groups on topics he finds especially interesting. Furthermore, Eran is the founder of Azure Israel - the largest Azure related Meetup in Israel.


Cloud & Backend track

11:15 - 12:00  API Design in the Modern Era

APIs are at the heart of the modern software development world. Whether we author a distributed system, a microservices-based application, or a simple client-server n-tier application - our system will most probably expose an API at its core. APIs are a means to expose the functionality of a particular component to its users. Unsurprisingly, many formats for APIs have existed over the years, with the industry setting around RESTful APIs as the de-facto standard, with gRPC growing in popularity.


Join me in this session, as I review today's most popular API formats and their relative strengths and weaknesses. From REST, through OpenAPI, via gRPC and to the rising star of AsyncAPI - we'll explain how these API formats work and the tools they employ and offer some guidance as towards when we should use each. At the end of this session, you'll have a good familiarity with these formats, and you'll be in a much better position to choose between them.

15:00-16:00  Panel - Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Israeli Cloud, Microservices, PaaS, SaaS, and Everything in Between

In recent years, many organizations have at least considered modernizing their application with Microservices. Even on its own, if not done right, this transition can pose a serious threat to every business's longevity. When you combine this transition with Hybrid Cloud and On-Prem strategies, the risk rises even significantly more, and a lot of questions arise. How should you approach this move? What are the risks of an on-prem requirement? Should you use PaaS & SaaS, or is IaaS king? Which cloud vendor should you use?


Join us for an expert panel discussing these issues and more, and bring your questions to the table so that these experts can help you find an answer.

Hosting: Alon Fliess, Eran Stiller, Amir Zuker

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