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Picture of CodeValue's CTO Amir Zuker

Amir Zuker

CTO @CodeValue

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Amir, the CTO of CodeValue, is a senior software architect specializing in .NET and Web related toolchain and technologies. Throughout his career, Amir has lead large development teams and entire R&D divisions, served as a software architect, mentor, a strong tech lead and developer.
Additionally, Amir has conducted many lectures, courses and workshops, and has tackled technological obstacles head-on in both front-end and back-end products in various fields, including Cloud, on-premise and IoT solutions.

Amir is a qualified instructor and consultant and has been assisting dozens of companies to build their business and systems from the ground up, including areas of recruitment, business analysis, architecture, design, implementation, testing and DevOps.


In addition to being a public speaker and one of CodeValue's college instructors, Amir has had several publications as well. He is the author of a book "Hands-On Full-Stack Web Development with ASP.NET Core" and "WCF 4.0 Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC)" course. Moreover, he has developed and released a rich open-source package called “WCF Contrib” and made numerous contributions to open-source software.


Feel free to contact him at twitter: @AmirZuker


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