Alex Pshul

Software Architect, Consultant, Speaker, Tech Freak

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Alex is a software architect, consultant, speaker and a tech freak. He had worked on more than 25 projects in the past 9 years, using a vast range of Azure services and various .Net technologies.


Executive track

14:00 - 14:45  What We Learned by Testing Execution of 300K Messages/Min in a Serverless IoT System

A while ago, I started a project that looked obvious at first. We had to build an IoT system to send messages from devices to the cloud for processing and show everything on a web dashboard. Sounds basic, right? I thought so, too.There was one "little" requirement that took the whole architecture to the ultimate test: It should be able to scale, in a relatively short period of time, to handle bursts of 300K messages/sec. We designed and implemeted the system with the performance requirements in mind, but we had to prove that it actually works.Join me to learn what we learnt from spending 25K$ on testing, to make sure that the designed architecture can withstand the crazy rate of 300K messages per second in a totally serverless system.

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