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Alex is a software architect, Microsoft Azure MVP, consultant, speaker, and tech freak that works as a Software Architect & Consultant at CodeValue Israel.

Alex is a leading expert in .Net development and different Azure services with great passion for software architecture.

You can reach Alex on twitter @AlexPshul.



10:15 - 11:00  State in Stateless Serverless Functions

We went from physical servers to the cloud and from running VMs in the cloud to running services in the cloud. And although the infrastructure got better and better, we still had to manage everything on our own. This is not the case anymore. Nowadays, we have the “serverless” services.


There are many implementations to the idea. The most famous are the AWS Lambda and the Azure Functions. They provide a robust infrastructure for running your code in a scalable manner in a cloud environment. And since the solution is scalable, it is, by definition, a stateless solution. Does this mean that serverless is not a good solution? Is it just a cool gimmick?


In this session, you are going to learn how we can manage state in a stateless, serverless environment on Azure, by utilizing Azure Durable Functions and how we can use the eco-system to build entire systems, completely serverless.