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The Conference
28 June 2023
08:30 - 16:30
Cinema City Glilot

The Conference

Welcome to Architecture Next 2023!

This year, we focus on NextGen software development and the incredible advancements in the field of AI. AI is changing the game in how we build software and manage our entire R&D, as well as affecting business opportunities, and it's here to stay. As software architects, engineers, and leaders, it is crucial to understand how AI can be integrated into our systems to enhance our software development solutions and processes.


This is the sixth consecutive year of CodeValue's Software Architecture conference. Join us at the conference to learn from experts in the field and discover how to best utilize AI and other innovative technologies. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and revolutionize the way you approach software development.

Architecture Next is intended for software architects, team leads, CTOs, VP R&Ds, developers, and any leader or enthusiast tech persona.

All sessions are delivered by CodeValue's top experts, including leading figures in the software architecture realm in Israel, along with esteemed guests. 




Breakfast & Registration, Raffle entry


Opening, Day in Perspective


Keynote -  Generative AI Overview

Dror Globerman


Expert Panel

Eran StillerAmir Zuker, Irit Kantor, Tomer Karasik,
Nir DobovizkiHanan Zakai, Amit Kinor, Eran Barghil

12:00-13:00  Lunch Break

Executive Track 

Technology Track


Dealing with Consistency in Distributed Systems

Amir Zuker


Beyond the Basics: Solving Large Scale Real-Time Communication Challenges in Front End Applications

Yehuda Buzaglo


AI & I

Tomer Karasik


Developers & Designers - Technology can Change Everything!

Ron Shenkar


Cloud Infrastructure in 2023 and Beyond

Eran Barghil

14:30 - 14:45  Coffee Break


Life is a Tradeoff - a Guide for the Software Architect

Nir Dobovizki


Unleashing the Power of OpenAI with Azure

Barak Mor


Micro Front End with Webpack Module Federation

Sergey Khilchenko


Architecting at Scale with the Advice Process

Eran Stiller


Case Studies: Choosing The Right Architecture*

Sonya Kumcheva, Ivo Yotov

*lecture held in English

16:20 (main hall)

Raffle winner announcement

*All sessions are held in Hebrew apart from "Case Studies: Choosing The Right Architecture"



Proud to bring inspirational, globally accredited speakers

Past Events

Past Event - 2022

Time brings change, and COVID has played its role as a catalyst in that matter. Recent effects have led to an unprecedented shift to remote-first work culture and accelerated multi-cloud adoption, not only in terms of harnessing tools and platforms to be used to serve one’s business but also the products and systems that the company builds, demanding elevated requirements regarding hybrid and cross-platform scenarios


In the software industry, we are expected to be agile and adapt to changes quickly and effectively. This isn't related merely to development but spans the entire business, product, R&D, UX/UI, architecture, technology, development, and DevOps. 

The need for building software that can operate on and/or integrate with different platforms is rising steadily. New levels of productization, process, and automation are required to meet the new challenges at a high pace, as well as find effective ways to scale MVP products and R&D. 


Therefore, our job as leaders, architects, and engineers, to figure out how to build and best use technologies, tools, and platforms to meet such diverse needs and scenarios, has become more and more challenging. 


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