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The Conference
16 June 2022
09:00 - 15:45
Cinema City Glilot
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The Conference

Time brings change, and COVID has played its role as a catalyst in that matter. Recent effects have led to an unprecedented shift to remote-first work culture and accelerated multi-cloud adoption, not only in terms of harnessing tools and platforms to be used to serve one’s business but also the products and systems that the company builds, demanding elevated requirements regarding hybrid and cross-platform scenarios


In the software industry, we are expected to be agile and adapt to changes quickly and effectively. This isn't related merely to development but spans the entire business, product, R&D, UX/UI, architecture, technology, development, and DevOps. 

The need for building software that can operate on and/or integrate with different platforms is rising steadily. New levels of productization, process, and automation are required to meet the new challenges at a high pace, as well as find effective ways to scale MVP products and R&D. 


Therefore, our job as leaders, architects, and engineers, to figure out how to build and best use technologies, tools, and platforms to meet such diverse needs and scenarios, has become more and more challenging. 


This is the fifth consecutive year of CodeValue's Architecture Next conference. Join us as we discuss revolutionary and innovative concepts, technologies, and tools while showing how these can be leveraged and applied to make your business, process, and systems better. 


Architecture Next is intended for software architects, team leads, CTOs, VP R&Ds, developers, and any leader or enthusiast tech persona.

All sessions are delivered by CodeValue's top experts, including leading figures in the software architecture realm in Israel, along with esteemed guests. 




Breakfast & Registration, Raffle entry


Opening, Day in perspective


Keynote - Architecture Stories from the Trenches

Alon Fliess

10:45-11:00 Coffee Break


Software Architecture in the Multi-Cloud Era

Amir Zuker, Rotem Barda-(Vayyar),  Barak Mor, 


Expert Panel

Alon Fliess, Amir ZukerTomer Karasik, Nir DobovizkyHanan Zakai, Amit Kinor, Eran Barghil

12:30-13:30 Lunch Break

Executive Track 

Technologies Track  


The Perfect Host – An Ongoing Story

Alon Fliess


Composable Components - Play Application Lego

Tomer Karasik, Ilya Holtz


Web3: From A to S (Security)

Tal Be'ery CTO, Zengo, Meni Cherbakovsky, VP Engineering, Zengo


Building Modern IoT Data Pipelines

Alon Amsalem

14:30-14:45 Coffee Break


From Offshore to Global Delivery

Tali Shem-Tov, Esti Felba-Hermesh


Micro Front End - Web-Components in Practice

Yehuda Buzaglo


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (and when not to use them)

Nir Dobovizky

Raffle winner announcement

*All sessions are held in Hebrew 

No upcoming events at the moment


Proud to bring inspirational, globally accredited speakers
Past Events

Past Event - 2021

Digital Transformation is one of the most profound changes happening in the technological world around us. More businesses understand that they must level up their tech strategy or be left behind. With a massive amount of cloud, AI/ML, and other emerging technologies, software professionals and decision-makers have difficulty keeping up to date.

How can we achieve Digital Transformation? How can we translate those high-level principles and fancy words into ideas and plans to implement in our software? This is what Architecture Next 2021 was all about.

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