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The Conference
04 June 2024
08:00 - 16:30
Cinema City Glilot

The Conference

Welcome to Architecture Next 2024!


Given the rapid innovation in Generative AI, developing AI-powered systems can be challenging, especially when building scalable production-grade solutions. Therefore, this year we focus on AI at Scale. Furthermore, we have another whole professional track available for you this year, focusing on Cloud Infrastructure and Ops family.


This is the seventh consecutive year of CodeValue's Software Architecture conference!

Join us to learn from industry experts, discover fascinating content, and gain practical insights such as best practices for integrating AI into your modern solutions.


Architecture Next is intended for software architects, CTOs, VP R&Ds, team leads, developers, engineers, security engineers, AppSec managers, CISOs or SecOps, and any enthusiast tech persona. All sessions are delivered by CodeValue's top experts, including leading figures in the software architecture realm in Israel, along with esteemed guests.


Tickets are FREE, but seats are limited and subject to approval



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16:20 (main hall)

Raffle winner announcement

*All sessions are held in Hebrew unless stated otherwise



Proud to bring inspirational, globally accredited speakers

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